About us
About Hookupjoint.com

HookupJoint.com is an online community that connects people through networks of friends. The site provides a safe, discreet, and trusted environment for meeting other people.

HookupJoint.com is for people who are single, people who are married, and anyone who wants to make new friends or help their friends meet new people. The site can be used for personal, social, and business networking.

Through HookupJoint.com, members can find out about local events, get great values at member-owned businesses, resonate their identity through our vibrant e-zine, and proactively gain the attention of the kind of people they would like to meet.

Who’s behind HookupJoint.com?

HookupJoint.com was founded by Internet entrepreneur, Tim Noran. Tim has founded and run several companies on the internet.

What does HookupJoint mean?

The first part of the word HookupJoint comes from the popular slang work Hookup.

Joint meaning:

The place at which two things, or separate parts of one thing, are joined or united, either rigidly or in such a way as to permit motion; juncture.

Investors and Advisors

Hookupjoint.com is not venture backed.